Monday, July 20, 2009

baron von red orc

how could i treat my blog like this.
deprived from lack of post nutrients.
there there...
im here.

well sheehan world tour has ended
since the beginig of july
and shit
need to come to my senses and start
here are some old pieces


adstoveken said...

the top one looks 75% finished, i think it needs an extra layer of refinement cause look at her compared to the rest. of course she's super cute but you've gotta pay some attention to her surroundings too. im sayin it doesnt need to look photo realistic, no way, just the rest of it ought to look as good as her.

JMY said...

Yes, nice to see u posting. But I'm have to agree wit the last comment u need take these to the next step and just bump up the opacity and commit to the drawing to finish them off.